Becoming Chemical Free

After becoming 99% chemical free including changing from synthetic Thyroid medication to Armour Thyroid which is made from Porcine Thyroid Gland dried and powdered which is what they used successfully for Ions my last obstacle is to get my hyperuricemia (Gout) under control without the use of my current medication Zyloprim. I have a largely alkaline based diet now and will start adding extra Vitamin C and Raw un-pasteurised Apple Cider Vinegar to my diet by adding it to my lemon water 2-3 times a day to help keep me more Alkaline. Then all I have to do is change some of my makeup. All cleaning and skin care I use is chemical free. My allergies have become noticeably improved. I have stopped using my Seritide steroid for my Asthma and rarely use my ventolin, so I know all this combined with my pro-biotic drinks are working.

Whilst I am not qualified in Nutrition and Naturopathy I am certainly finding out by experience what to do to help myself and I hope I can help others with what I have learnt and with some of the mistakes I have made along my journey.

Copyright Kranz Klan 2014

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