Pets Corner 🐾🐾🐾

As some of you are aware we have a new edition to our little klan, her Name is Kelly Grace Kranz. Although she is a terror due to being a puppy she is a sweet little thing and too cute for her own good and we love her. Ned is loving his new playmate and…


Ross is enjoying his work although working long hours is waring him out. They are very busy at the moment as they are not only training but assessing too, to help out the Dept of transport…….he is having fun with his new paintball toys and went out to ref a few games on Sunday.

Weight loss progress

Well after 12weeks I have now gone from 103.5kg down to 79.8kg with about 3weeks to go. Very exciting to be under 80 for the 1st time since my late teens. Its been a long time coming. I started this journey in November last year at 107kg so I have lost a total of 27.2kg…

Job interview

Well it seems the time has come to re-enter the workforce. I have a job interview tomorrow for a casual-part-time position at our local Home Hardware store. I am optimistic. Now all I need is something to wear as I have lost allot of weight and am just about too small for all the clothes…


My First Blog will be short as it has taken a fair amount of time adding all the other stuff.  There will be new pages of photos added in the coming weeks. Enjoy your day xx