Winter colds and the importance of Good Gut Health and Probiotics

From Kombucha Tea and Yoghurt to Fermented Veggies ie Sauerkraut and Kimchi Etc. An abundance if these will help keep the winter Lurgies away. I am feeling very fortunate to have this knowledge under my belt, after being someone who generally suffers badly with these sorts of horrors I have finally found the answer to…

I have been very slack with my Blog Lately although I’m not sure many people actually read my stuff anyway. Life has been very busy with work. I have a few New Recipes to add but I’m still yet to find the time to add them. I have been talked into doing my WA Property…


After 8 months of rest and a few of those months looking for work I have finally started a new path in my life. I am working as a part time Property Inspector for our local Century 21 Realty. I am enjoying it so far and it will help keep the wolves from the door….

Julia’s New Skills

It has been an eventful week, getting set up for ready for my new little business and spending Thursday and Friday in Ross’s Truck learning how to drive it and receiving my HR License, very exciting stuff, have wanted to do it for a few years now. Very happy. Copyright Kranz Klan 2013

Job Prospects

Hi All Have a job interview on Monday at a local Garage Door Manufacturer. Fingers Crossed will let you know how I go Julia

Today at the Park 4.8.13

It is such a beautiful day today, I was wearing 3/4 Jeans and a t-shirt when I took the dogs for a wash and a romp around the park….totally hilarious they were walking each other again and they managed to nearly trip me over on a number of occasions and tie me up as well,…