Today at the Park 4.8.13

It is such a beautiful day today, I was wearing 3/4 Jeans and a t-shirt when I took the dogs for a wash and a romp around the park….totally hilarious they were walking each other again and they managed to nearly trip me over on a number of occasions and tie me up as well, Neddy kept racing off and Kelly was being dragged a bit and also had to pee on the run the poor thing, he was going a bit fast for her. I had to start running because Kelly kept turning and fretting because I wasn’t there and then she was getting yanked because Neddy just kept going hahaha was a complete disaster and would’ve been a great sketch on the Paul Hogan Show, for those of you who remember. Funny day so far. Just waiting for Ross to get home from the Paintball field now.

Photo’s are from yesterday Afternoon






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