Winter colds and the importance of Good Gut Health and Probiotics

From Kombucha Tea and Yoghurt to Fermented Veggies ie Sauerkraut and Kimchi Etc. An abundance if these will help keep the winter Lurgies away. I am feeling very fortunate to have this knowledge under my belt, after being someone who generally suffers badly with these sorts of horrors I have finally found the answer to beat the little nasties that lurk every winter. I have been surrounded this season by people who have been repeatedly sick and twice I have felt the colds trying to take me down, but luckily i have my little friends lactobacillus fighting for me. I have been making and experimenting with Kefir and several different types of Kombucha Tea, Yoghurt and Fermented Veggies like Sauerkraut, Kimchi and Pickles for many months now. Both times I have felt it trying to take hold I scoff into my supply of them, take heaps of Natures Way Vit C, have Lemon Water, Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar in Water and Mediherb’s Andrographis Complex and neither time have I ended up full of mucous, all snotty and infected. Such simple tasty things that help keep you healthy. I used to spend a lot of time off work because of sickness. I’d get a simple cold that would turn nasty and would keep me in bed for weeks. Not any more. I started working in my current profession at the end of Jan and I’ve not had a sick day yet (touch wood). I’m feeling truly blessed to have the knowledge I now have about great gut health and a more Alkaline lifestyle. Sugar is also to be avoided when sick. People tend to reach for feel good foods like icecream and chocolate when they are not feeling well. The problem with this is that infection and viruses Feed and adore sugar so you are doing yourself a major disservice when having these comfort foods. So try, hard as it may be to not give in to temptation. I find this difficult too. Stay well people x 20140718-203336-74016950.jpg


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