Soap Nuts…..My Next Challenge

Love this website.
My next little project will be to by Soap Nuts. 1kg is less than $30 and they are enough for up to 2yrs of Laundry, a lot cheaper than my current chemical free Washing Powder. All you do is put them in the little bag supplied with the nuts and put it in with your wash cycle. You can also make Hand Soap with them which I will also have a crack at. Might give the cheese making a go as we’ll. 🙂

Copyright Kranz Klan 2014


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  1. reneecarr says:

    Hey kiddo, I’ve just stumbled across your blog and am now following you.

    Have you been using the soap nuts?? If so what do you think??


    1. They are great but I think they are dulling my white work shirts. Everything else cleans well though


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