Walnut and Date Bliss Balls


3 Cups Almond Meal

1 Scoop Boomers Whey Protein Isolate(optional, could use a half a cup of Milk Powder instead)

1 Cup Oven Roasted Walnuts

14 Medjool Dates

2Tbs Maple Syrup

1/2-1 Tsp Cinnamon

1-3Tbs Water (Depending how dry the mix is)


1. Add all dry ingredients to a food processor and blend, then add the Fruit, Nuts and Maple Syrup and blend.

• If mixture is too dry add a Tbs at a time of water, if too wet add a little more Almond flour till the consistency is how you like it. It will all depend on the dryness of your Almond Meal.

2. Roll into small balls and refrigerate

Copyright Kranzklan 2018.


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